The Complete Guide to Garage Door Sizes

Are you worried about deciding a new garage door, but don't know where to start. ? It is a very important decision to choose a garage door with a lot of different directions. There is a list of points that you should consider while deciding what is best for you. First of all, you have to ensure the space for the proper fitting of your favorite garage door you should take the details and different ideas to select the best one for you.

Standard Garage Door sizes - Most of the people have made a misconception that there are only a few sizes available and the availability of standard size if off the shell. However, in many countries like Australia, you can get a variety of sizes and all the doors can be made according to your choice. A single standard door size is 2100mm high * 2400 mm wide.

Double Garage Door size is two percent higher than the single standard door size. You can also take guidance from your Garage Door Repair technician about which door size would be more suitable within the available space. He can guide you very accurately because of many years of experience in the field A Garage Door repair professional can also guide you about the pros and cons of different sizes after that you would be able to decide with a peace of mind.

Most of the customers decide by analyzing the height of their ceiling system or the high looks of their carport. it's not a good idea you should keep in mind that the door itself requires a certain amount of space to be installed and after the installation of the door it will impede on your actual opening height